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Shoviv IMAP Email Backup Tool


Shoviv IMAP Email Backup Tool


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There are many reasons you may want to change to a different service for your email. It could be due to concerns about security ( such as with Yahoo these times) and Gmail’s alarming behavior of “reading” every email you write or your personal preference, or just do not like the features the email you’re using now you have an alternative.

One thing that stops the majority of people from doing this is the fear that they’ll miss out on important messages, or they’ll lose all contacts along the way. If that’s you, don’t fret. There are plenty of people who find the whole switching email thing a little intimidating, but there’s some positive news: it really isn’t a huge hassle.

You can switch easily to a different email account using Gmail, Outlook.com or just any other service that you prefer without losing any mail that was sent to your old address. It is possible to continue using the same address to send emails when you wish as you’ll learn in this helpful guide.

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Based on the email service you used before services and which one you’d like to change to, the procedure for creating everything will be different. To make this article we’ll stick to the three services that are most well-known that are available: Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo Mail (note that Yahoo is typically included in the list so that I’ll be able to help you leave it, however, I’d not suggest switching to Yahoo!)

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