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Messenger Bots: The Future of Customer Service?

Messenger bots are a concept that are still fairly unknown, but will likely become a big deal soon. The technology has the potential to change how companies do business. There have been automatic messaging products before, but most of those didn’t really work properly. Messenger bots are different; they’re way more advanced and are more personalized than ever. We’ll take a look at what Messenger Bots are in general, how Facebook uses Chatbot software for their messaging platform “Messenger”, and how this all will change the future of customer service.

So, What Is a Messenger Bot?

To understand this new concept completely, it’s important to first understand what a ‘bot’ is. A bot is software that is created to do tasks that we normally do on our own. Think of Apple’s Siri, which can make an appointment in your agenda and Google something for you. A ‘Messenger Bot’ or ‘Chatbot’ is similar, but far more advanced, more personal and most notably customizable for each company. Messenger Bots can respond to customers via a direct message, and basically do anything a normal customer service employee can do.

Facebook Announces Message Bots for Messenger

During Facebook’s annual F8 global developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they would be adding Chatbots to its Messenger app. Instead of companies each having their own app with integrated Chatbot software, everything could now be done within Facebook’s Messenger platform. Imagine popular company Tripadvisor having its own Chatbot on Messenger. You could simply advise the Chatbot where you want to go in the world, and what other requirements you have, and the Chatbot could select hotels for you and tell you how other travellers have rated these accommodations. Once you’ve selected your preferred accommodation, the Tripadvisor Chatbot could even book the hotel for you. Another example is Food Delivery service JustEat. You could tell their Messenger Bot “I’d like a pepperoni pizza delivered to 6 Wingold Avenue in Toronto”, and the Messenger Bot could give you a list of available restaurants and simply take care of the ordering process for you.


How Will Messenger Bots Change the Future of Customer Service?

Facebook isn’t the first platform to use Messenger Bots. In the last two weeks, Microsoft and Line (a messaging app) have announced that they would be adopting chat robots into their platforms. Chinese mobile text and voice messaging communication service WeChat has been using chatbots for a while now, and are extremely popular because of it. Chat bots won’t be something only big corporations can use, due to Facebook’s chatbot Messenger announcement it will now also be possible for smaller companies to use chatbots, as it’s possible to just use Facebook’s software. Facebook has not announced yet how companies can sign up for this new customer service technique, but this will likely be revealed in the near future. This new software could be the future of customer service, as it will give companies an even stronger online presence and it could mean the end of outdated 1-800 numbers. Follow DMAC on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest Messenger Bot developments.

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April 12, 2016

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