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My Very 1st Snapchat on Social Media

Snapchat was launched in September 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. It is a social media platform that can only be used on an iOS or an Android. Snapchat allows you to take a “Snap” in the form of a picture or video for a maximum of 10 seconds and it will be deleted after 24 hours. When we use Snapchat, it is to record a personal experience, for example, something that grabs your attention; a selfie to share with friends or family.

Team Snapchat is doing an excellent job with the filters and special animations by adding a new one each day.

At first, Snapchat can be challenging because after you take the picture it is unclear what to do next. However after some basic training the process is quite easy to pick up.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Post on Snapchat



1. Download Snapchat application
2. Open an account
3. Add friends
4. Take a picture
5. Add filters and/or emojis
6. Add the seconds (display time)
7. Post in “My Story”

Not surprisingly, this tool is becoming very popular with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Her “My very 1st snap!!!!” spread like wildfire. Snapchat is a wonderful way for celebrities to connect with their fans by showing them a moment in their life in real time. Most of them play with Snapchat because they have innovative and fun filters that create funny or silly faces.


Brands are Using Snapchat for Social Media Marketing



Popular brands such as Coca Cola, National Geographic, Apple Music, Mac Cosmetics and others are already on Snapchat. They are using Snapchat to advertise because they can reach a wider audience for less money compared to traditional advertising such as T.V., radio and print. The disadvantage to using Snapchat is that the ad disappears in 24 hours, challenging brands to be consistently creative. They are using this tool to advertise their special offers or their next big promotion. Currently the Vans Brand is showing their friends different competitions, such as skateboards, roller skates and bicycles with no marketing budget. In other words, by using Snapchat they are making mini commercials for free. This is the magic of Snapchat;, social media marketing for free.


Kim K Article 2


Nowadays we are starting to see a mixture between celebrities, brands and Snapchat. Below is an example (Source: fastcocreate.com)

Who: McDonald’s
What: LeBron and behind-the-scenes commercial footage with other athletes like NFL’ers Richard Sherman and Johnny Manziel, as well as creative food snaps and contests.
Why It Works: People have been watching McD’s ads forever, so using Snapchat as a way to give fans unique looks at their favorite athletes—who also happen to be in a McD’s spot—is simple way to add value to its social presence. “We’re really excited to explore the ‘chat’ and ‘here’ features more,” says Lainey Garcia, McDonald’s Snapchat lead in the U.S. “The instant face-to-face video chat has a number of possibilities for us, too. The more one-to-one conversations we’re able to have with our fans the better.”


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May 31, 2016

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