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New Google+ Polls and 6 Other Top Tips to Engage Your Audience

With over 343 million active users Google+ can be an excellent way to interact and market to the consumers. Recently, Google+ introduced the Poll feature which is a new outstanding way to find what your audience is thinking. It can help boost your engagement and make people shares creative opinions. It allows you to add images with different choices and see the results. The main goal of the Poll is to engage people and receive feedback on different ideas such as a new product your company is planning to launch. Poll is designed to build conversations, share feedback and engage communities. Nevertheless, take advantage of this new feature because it is a great tool for businesses to include in your social media marketing campaign.

google plus polls 1google plus polls 2

Here are 6 other tips to help boost engagement on Google+:

1. Use videos

Video on social media networking is one of the most powerful types of content. To embed video on your social media marketing post can be an effective way to create more personal connection with your followers. You can post a video showcasing a new product or featuring an event. The Google+ comment integration with YouTube offers major viral engagement to your brand.

google plus video2. Use appealing images

Google+ is a visual social media website. The more visual the post is the more engagement you will get. Auto awesome effects on your images help catch attention on your content and your brand. These effects are automatically generated from you photos and the most entertaining part about it is that Google+ keeps including new effects. Infographic is another great type of content you can use in your social media marketing strategy. You can create infographics of any size to capture attention you need to grow your audience.

google plus image

3. Use Google+ story

Google+ story is the same as “timeline photos” which have been taken at the same location. It allows you to show off your event or conference; make a creative sequence of photos in unique and engaging visual illustrations.

google plus image 34. Include Hashtags

In order to reach more people on this Social Media network, use hashtags to make users discover your content. A social media marketing company can use common hashtags such as #socialmedia to gain visibility on a Google+ profile and brand page.

google plus image 45. Mentions

On Google+ you can mention other users and brands to get more exposure. You can also add a “mention” sign in a post when you share it. Make sure to use mentions when networking provides value. When you are getting a lot of engagement on Google+, it is better to include your own +profile to gain more views and new potential followers.

6. Use Hangouts

Another way to generate interest and participation is to provide live streaming videos through Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts provide creative content and a free video chat service that allows you to show your business and speak face to face with your followers and receive immediate feedback. You can set up video chats with famous people to promote your social media reputation, make a presentation, a product announcement and Q&A session. It is a powerful way to s and interact directly with users.

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Don’t forget that Google+ is also useful for SEO if you constantly post updates and engage your audience. Located in Toronto, Canada but serving globally, Digital Media Academy of Canada offers online social media courses which help you gain digital marketing skills to thrive in the social media marketing industry.

November 5, 2014

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