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How To Create a Professional Account on Twitter

You may already have a personal Twitter account where you tweet about your favorite restaurants, pets and family gatherings. According to Twitter, there are over 284 million monthly active users. Professionals from every industry are using the social media platform for branding, customer service as well as to increase traffic to their website. So why shouldn’t you follow suit with a professional account of your own?

DMAC online learning and social media experts have created this guide to help you properly set up and maintain a professional Twitter account:

Twitter guide

Step 1: Create an account

First things first, you need to create an account, one that differentiates you from the other accounts you have active. For that you will need a handle (i.e. user name) that professionally represents you, a profile picture with a clear headshot, a creative bio with one or two relevant #hashtags and a header photo.

Step 2: Follow relevant users

If you’re looking for a job, following companies you want to work for is a good place to start. Many big companies post job opportunities directly on their Twitter accounts. In addition, each industry has its own gurus and experts who are constantly tweeting on the subject. Follow them as well. Do a search of 10 _______ industry leaders (e.g. “top 10 digital marketing industry leaders”) to follow on Twitter if you are having trouble finding some.

Step 3: Participate in Twitter chats

Twubs.com is a good place to start to find relevant Twitter chats. Twitter chats are hosted by other users and industry leaders at a pre-determined and advertised time. If you are new to Twitter, you may want to give Twitter chats a try. Introduce yourself, provide a brief background and respond to others’ posts.

Step 4: Maintenance

Once the Twitter account has been setup, you should maintain it. That means: tweeting professional tips and resources once or twice a day and retweeting and favoriting credible users and their tweets. Hootsuite and Buffer are good tools that will help you schedule tweets to ensure you don’t forget about them.

When you apply for a social media marketing positions, one of the most commonly asked questions that get asked: Can we see your social media profiles? Companies often look for a large followship, professional tweets and engagement. The steps that we just discussed will help market you in a positive way to potential employers.

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February 5, 2015

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