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Digital transformation is the big talk in all sectors of business. Regardless of company size and whether each one uses the title of digital transformations, all businesses are experiencing some kind of shift. Whether that is investing in paperless billing or buying advertising space on social media (as opposed to traditional means), change is among us – and in a big way.

With such a grand shift comes a few challenges. A recent poll by suggests that the biggest challenge to digital transformations that companies face is the lack of expertise in the digital field and the lack of proper resources to keep up with the changes. The poll also found that:

  • Employee pushback is the second biggest obstacle hindering companies’ full transformation.
  • Inflexible technology investments and processes are failing multiple times a month, which has a negative effect on employee productivity and user experience.
  • 1 in 4 companies surveyed felt they lacked a clear vision for a digital journey.

For transformation to take place, two ingredients are needed:

  1. Skills
  2. Willingness of employees to accept change.

Below our online digital marketing course lecturers offer 4 tips companies can use to upskill their organization for a FULL digital transformation.

4 Ways to Overcome Challenges to Digital Transformation | Digital Marketing Fundamentals

1. Provide Practical Training for Everyone

A digital transformation should be a whole company effort and for this reason a strong corporate digital training program is crucial. If fully committed, one of the first steps all executives should be taking is to offer a mix of both push (mandated training) and pull (optional training) methods to increasing the digital knowledge base of the organization. By getting everyone on board and speaking the same language, you will have built a strong foundation.

2. Make it a Joint Effort

Upper management, when fearing backlash among employees, may choose to shy away from communicating their vision clearly and wittingly. For digital transformation to be a success, employees must buy into the vision and understand why it is occurring and how it will have a positive impact on their work environment. Essentially, executives and their tech and marketing teams need to consult all employees by first creating a shared vision and then implementing the initiatives based on input and research.

3. Build a Culture of Life Long Learning

Life-long learning is a competitive necessity in today’s business world. In order to function effectively day-to-day amidst a rapidly changing world, we all need to learn new things. As part of management, you can promote such a culture by engaging your employees to stay up-to-date with the latest digital trends in your industry. Simple things like sharing articles, best practices and examples as well as coordinating in-house professional development workshops will help maintain the flow of life-long learning.

4. Create a Culture of Constant Change

All changes, and not just the digital ones, must be implemented fast enough so that an organization’s goals are being met. That is understandable. What is also important is to give your employees (and customers) enough time to adjust to the changes. Changes that are drastic and done without notice will experience backlash and can affect productivity and sales levels. To avoid such problems, it is important to implement a culture of constant change. That is creating a culture where your organization is always looking to refine itself and keep up with the latest trends and changes are made to reflect the trends.

All digital transformation projects will face friction, and that’s why it’s imperative that perspective is maintained, milestones are celebrated and the path to the goal always remains clear.

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August 2, 2019

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