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Social Media Buzz at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards

Like every year, the Grammys caused a lot of buzz on social media. All social media platforms were packed with praises and disappointments regarding the event.
Here’s an overview of the most important events of the night and how social media responded to this, as well as which artists and brands won on social media this year.

Lady Gaga Wins, Adele Fails

Two of the most talked about performances from the Grammy’s came from Lady Gaga and Adele.
One of them for being amazing, and the other for being not so amazing. Lady Gaga performed a tribute to David Bowie, who passed away last month at the age of 69. Gaga did a 6-minute performance and sang through nine selections from Bowie’s discography. The artist was praised all over social media for her performance:


tweet 1


tweet 2

Adele, known for her amazing live performances got quite the opposite response on social media last night. Many claimed that the 27-year-old singer sounded a bit off last night. Social media users expressed their disappointment:

tweet 3

Adele responded to the allegations on Twitter by saying the bad performance was due to technical difficulties, which was retweeted over 30.000 times.

tweet 4

Rihanna Cancels Performance

Another event that was talked about a lot on social media was Rihanna cancelling her performance half an hour before the start of the event. According to her manager, the reason for cancelling her performance was “due to her health”. The singer tweeted an apology, hours after here scheduled performance:


tweet 5

Which Artists Were 2016’s Social Media Winners?

Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift were the big award winners of the night, with Lamar taking home 5 Grammys and Swift taking home 3. The two stars, however, were surprisingly not the biggest social media winners of the night according to Engagement Labs. Wiz Khalifa was the artist who did best on Facebook, obtaining the highest impact score of the night. It was Sam Hunt who had the highest follower growth; the singer gained a total of 15,460 likes on Facebook. The big social media winner on Twitter was The Weeknd, who had the highest engagement score (meaning, the % of people who liked, clicked or commented on a post). While Taylor Swift didn’t have the highest engagement score on Twitter, she did manage to gain 67,701 followers. The Instagram social media winner was YouTube sensation Charlie Put, who got the highest engagement score of the night. It was Taylor Swift who once again gained the most followers of the night, adding a total of 121,549 new followers to her social media account. Taylor’s follower increase is likely due to her posting on various social media pages throughout the event, showing her red carpet look, reacting to her Grammys and engaging with other artists. Taylor might not have been the biggest social media winner of the night but she did gain the most followers on her social media pages.


taylor pic

Which Brands Were This Year’s Social Media Winners?

It was not only the artists who won on social media this year, Engagement Labs released a list of the companies who did the best on social media last night. People Magazine had the highest engagement score of the night. The magazine constantly posted news leading up towards the event, as well as live updates during the event. It was Hilton Hotels who had the highest increase of likes on the social media platform, adding 972 new followers to its page throughout the night. Gucci had the second highest engagement rate on Twitter, and it was also Gucci who gained the most fans. The clothing brand added 5,039 new followers to their Twitter account during the event.


tweet 6

People Magazine also won on Instagram this year, with Gucci being a close second. Gucci had the highest overall follower rate gaining 11,687 news followers on Instagram. In today’s world of media, the above clearly demonstrates how companies can make impactful gains through intelligent social media presence and engagement while covering an international live event.

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February 16, 2016

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