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Social Media: Instagram Enables Account Switching

The possibility of switching between multiple Instagram accounts, a feature that many of us have been waiting for, is finally here. The online photo and video-sharing app announced on Monday that users are going to be able to use this new feature starting February 9th, 2016. The update will not immediately become available for all users, but the company assures that by the end of the week everybody will be able to switch between accounts. Each user will be able to add up to 5 accounts to their device. To use this new feature, the app will need to be updated to version 7.15 for iOS and Android.

How to Use this New Instagram Update

This new feature is great news for people who use Instagram for both personal and business purposes. Users who are already able to use the update can add a second (or third) account to their Instagram by clicking on ‘options’ and then ‘add account’. Instagram will then let you log into this additional account.

Step 1:

pic 1

Step 2:

step 2


Once you’ve successfully logged into all your extra accounts, you can easily switch between them. Simply go to your profile, then click the arrow next to your account name, and click on the account you wish to use.




As for the notifications of your multiple accounts, the social media company has announced that its users will be notified with all new incoming likes, followers and messages of the accounts that they have set up on their devices. It’s also possible to customize these notifications by going to ‘push notifications’ in settings where it is possible to pick which notifications you prefer to see. To log out of one of your accounts, go to the account you wish to log out of, then go to options and select ‘log out of [username]’. If you wish to log out of all your accounts at once you can select ‘log out of all accounts.

Social Media Users Respond

This is a great example of how a social media company successfully listened to the wishes of its customers. Many social media users have expressed their opinion about this new feature, most of which are very positive. A lot of professionals have shared their thankfulness towards the social media platform concerning the new update, as it will be much easier now to use the platform for social media marketing.


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Some of its users said that they might even be inclined to create an extra account to be able to make use of the new feature. Meaning that this update could mean an even bigger growth for Instagram in 2016.


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Instagram’s Recent Growth

Instagram is definitely a social media platform to keep an eye on. Their user count went from 200 million in 2014 to an astonishing 400 million users in 2016. People have already shared a total of 30 billion pictures since the start of the company, and according to Instagram an average of 70 million pictures are posted each day. In comparison, Twitter currently has about 307 million users. It is clear that Instagram is now considered one of the top four social media companies in the world together with Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.

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February 9, 2016

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