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Social Media Marketing Today: A Crucial Part of Any Advertising Campaign

There was a time (not so long ago) when Social Media Marketing was considered the up and coming advertising medium. Well, don’t look now but it has definitely arrived. Social media has come a long way since the advent of My Space, Friendster and The Facebook. There are countless social media channels and portals out there today and many of them have become crucial components of any successful marketing and advertising campaign.

The bottom line is that advertising in general has changed dramatically over the last 10 years because of the Internet. In the past, people were influenced and motivated by what they saw on the TV, print media and billboards or heard on the radio. It was a question of getting prospective consumers to “see” or “hear” your brand and “remember” it when they were making a purchase. People took the TV, radio or print advertising’s word for what they saw or heard and took their chances with the product or service. This used to be text book advertising. Well, things have changed.

Today’s consumer has more information at its  fingertips and is reluctant to take chances on a new brand without first investigating what’s out there on the Net. More importantly, today’s consumer prefers to rely heavily on recommendations or references provided by none other than their friends and contacts. If I am deciding between two brands and one of my Facebook contacts has recommended or mentioned one of them then I am much more apt to choose that one. Nowadays, since we are much more connected to our friends and acquaintances through the major social media channels advertising has taken a sharp turn away from traditional advertising toward social media marketing. It is a powerful branding and advertising tool because it all appears to takes place in a social setting and allows you to develop a dialogue with your prospective clients as opposed to “selling” them something. It allows for dialogue and creates a sense of “word of mouth” advertising. And we all know that there is no advertising medium more powerful than word of mouth. Heck…I use my acupuncturist because a friend in the medical industry told me he was the best…not because I saw his ad on a billboard.

If you’ve been debating whether your company could benefit from a Social Media campaign it has become a no brainer in today’s world. Social media marketing has become a crucial part of any advertising campaign and it is here to stay.

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