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Social Media Training – Attract and Retain Consumers with Social Media

In 2018, social media channels have become crucial for a business to maintain a good consumer relationship and build brand loyalty. If anything, having an active social media profile allows consumers to know that you are easily approachable and proactive. This simply provides any company with more credibility. Brand loyalty can be defined as the preference of a consumer towards a business or product over another one. For most businesses this will mean the difference between profitability and loss. Statistics show that it costs up to 10 times more to acquire a new customer compared to retaining an old one, so it’s not surprising that companies are trying harder than ever to maintain those loyal customers satisfied with the product or service.

Technology forms an important part of everyone nowadays especially how we communicate and interact amongst others. Businesses need to be able to create and execute a good social media strategy to make connections with possible new consumers and current costumers. There is the need for consistent communication through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to gain those brand followers that will interact with the product online and choose it again after a satisfying experience with the company. Below, we will discuss four important and simple factors that can help attract and retain consumers using social media:

1. Implement a Good Response Strategy

It takes more for a business to be successful with social media than just creating and posting engaging content. It is also crucial to respond to consumers’ questions and even complaints online. As your online community grows, there will also be an increase in messages from your consumers. As a business, it’s important to ensure that the team you have assigned for customer service all follow the same company guidelines and voice representing your company’s vision and corporate culture.

2. Voice

Your voice on social media should match the image and overall representation of your brand. Is your brand fun? Or is it more serious?
Wendy’s surprised the media a few years back (and they’re still doing it) with their sarcastic and playful approach when they replied to consumers on Twitter. Apple uses a more distant and professional approach when they answer their consumers.

However you decide to respond to your audience, the response must be honest and loyal to all the communications channels that you own.

3. Make them feel special

Most of the time when consumers take the time to make a comment or provide feedback on certain aspects of your product or service it is because in some way they feel a connection to your company. Having someone answer their concerns or complaints makes consumers feel that you actually care for them and you will go the extra mile to make them happy and amend whatever went wrong in the first place. As well, rewarding your consumers with contests or promotions maintains them engaged and eager to make further purchases. An effective strategy is to provide promotions codes or prize coupons only to your social media followers. This makes your followers happy and encourages other consumers to follow your brand and become a more loyal costumer.

4. A community of followers

The last step is creating and growing a unique community of followers with similar goals and that may share the same type of interests. Growing your social media community makes a big difference. Many times people create social media channels and create engaging content but they have no community or followers so no one is getting the message. It’s important to focus on engaging content as well as channel growth. At the end of the day, the better you get to know and fully understand the needs and wants of your consumers the more success your social media marketing will have. And remember, there needs to be a constant and consistent interaction between you and your community. This provides the opportunity for consumers to become your Brand Ambassadors on their own and promote to their circle of friends the benefit of your product or service. That’s when the magic of viral marketing kicks in.

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February 23, 2018

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  1. We can send personalized messages to target customers rather than shooting the same messages to all customers. This helps to reduce the unsubscription rate and more engagement.

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