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Take Control over Your Social Media Life with Xpire: A New Platform That Helps Manage Posts

“People start to recognize that our privacy is disintegrating … Every person you follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook… Every person you retweet, repin, repost,… on social media defines who you are… There are applications now which are collecting every bit of that [information], creating profiles about you and anticipating what you are going to do next… you are creating a profile about yourself and that is going to be used not just by online companies but in every walk of life”, says Mark Cuban, the Dallas billionaire entrepreneur in the interview with the Inc. magazine where he explains his interest in the growing mobile app market. He was contacted by a computer science student, Jesse Stauffer, with an idea for an application that would let users share ephemeral posts (posts that are automatically removed from the feed after a certain time) on the social media platform called Bitzy.

But instead of developing another social media platform, they decided to create an app to manage social media content.

Xpire apps


The Xpire app, which was launched early this summer, is an IOS application providing an easier way to narrow the digital footprint on social media networks, through “self-destructing” posts. They have launched a variety of tools to better manage tweets, Facebook posts, retweets, favorites, and who you’re following in order to provide an advance control of your digital content. With Xpire you can:

– Search your past tweets and Facebook posts by keyword
– Post timed Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr posts that can then be automatically removed
– Remove unwanted/unknown followers
– Calculate Social Score to determine how much of potentially risky content you share online

The app helps users to take back control over their privacy on the most popular social media platforms and avoid unnecessary exposure.

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December 16, 2014

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