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Why Technical SEO is not Enough to Make an Impact with Google in 2020

When thinking of search engine optimization, what normally comes to your mind (if anything)?

Is it fast loading speeds, website flow, and perfect site structure.

What if we told you those things are not as important as you may think when trying to improve the Google rankings for your website.

To understand why the technical and on-site SEO of your website is not the number one factor, it’s important to take a step back and understand the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization.

Described by MOZ search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

The goal of search engine optimization is to increase the quality of traffic coming to your website; this means you must put great content in front of web visitors, so they are more likely to go to your site and remain on it.

You can think of it like this – when you are shopping, stores put their best and newest items in their storefront to entice people to come into the store.

It is the same when it comes to your website. High-quality content brings people to your site. A website can have great technical qualities, but that’s not what entices people to click on your website and more importantly, remain on it.

Technical SEO is beneficial, but…

Technical search engine optimization refers to developing the technical parts of your website, such as page speed, crawl, and indexing through site structure, in order to rank your site higher on Google for specific keywords.

Don’t get us wrong, technical website aspects are important, but what we are saying is that it shouldn’t be your only priority.

There are many aspects of a website that technical and on-site search engine optimization will help from a ranking perspective; such as –

● Site speed
● crawl/indexability
● Mobile responsiveness
● User experience
● Site structure
● Proper meta tagging

You won’t need to hire or be an expert to optimize technical SEO. A technical search engine optimization course from a credible Digital Marketing learning institute, such as yourDMAC is recommended. Taking courses from reliable companies can really help you in learning further about search engine marketing and search engine optimization tactics.

There are also useful SEO tools to use and analyze the technical SEO component of your website, such as MOZ, SEMrush, and Gtmetrix to help. These audit and optimization tools can show surface-level errors such as broken links to more complex problems such as the order in which your website loads content.

Why Technical SEO is not Enough

As previously stated, technical improvements should not be your number one focus, but instead, the emphasis should be on relevant and engaging website content along with and domain authority.

With growing competition in 2020, people will most often trust websites that have content that is made with effort and is unique.

Some of the highest-ranked websites in the world have extremely poor results for some aspects of technical SEO, but excel in authority and content quality.

PageSpeed score of 29 for WebMD

PageSpeed score of 9 for Mayo clinic

Both WebMD and Mayo Clinic are two medical websites that offer high-quality content and also have a very high domain authority. However, they both have an extremely low pagespeed score, which is arguably is the most well-known technical optimization out there.

The above are good examples where technical SEO scores are not as important as the excellent website content and domain authority.

Improving domain authority may appear challenging and complex but there are many tactics to use such as link building and of course fresh content creation.

Googles Priorities

In search engine optimization, you must always remember the user experience should be your number one priority. Google’s goal is to give the most relevant results to its users. Google ranks websites based on relevancy to searches using crawlers that analyze websites using its criteria to find the best websites to present.

Websites with high domain authority with high-quality content that also satisfies the user experience are ranked much higher than websites that may have excellent technical and on-site SEO but fail to bring the content that people care about will rank lower.

What’s the Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

When it comes to SEO marketing, the time it takes to see results varies; sometimes it could take weeks or months.

What we recommend is to combine a content strategy with technical optimizations. There are also other search engine optimization tips we recommend to follow, such as updating your older content.
Search Engine Optimization is a long road, but the journey is extremely rewarding once it begins to take effect.

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November 4, 2021

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  1. I agree user experience is very important for the success of any e-commerce business. We can create a good user experience by sending relevant messages to target customers timely. This increases brand awareness and loyalty of customers.

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