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Ten Laws of Social Media Marketing for 2018

Leveraging the power of social media marketing can elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. However, getting started without any previous experience can be daunting. It’s crucial to your success online in 2018 that you understand the fundamentals of social media marketing.
Below we share the ten laws of social media marketing that every marketer will need to know for 2018:

1. The Laws of Focus

It is better to specialize in something than to be a jack of all trades. A highly focused social media marketing strategy is going to see much better success than a broad strategy that just attempts to be all encompassing. To avoid wasting precious time and resources, it is best to sit down with your team to create a marketing plan that implements the SMART goals you intend to reach by the end of the year. Also set future dates in which you will revisit your plan and strategies and evaluate their success (or lack thereof).

2. The Laws of Listening

Social media marketing helps you see things through a bird’s eye view. As internet marketers, it is effortless to get consumed with responding to incoming messages one by one. Don’t be!
Your success in social media marketing heavily relies on your ability to listen. You want to take the time to read your target audiences’ online content, join in on their discussions, and learn what is important to them. It is only then that you can create content and spark conversations that add value and do not clutter consumers’ lives and news feeds.

3. The Laws of Quality

Take the time to build meaningful relationships with all your fans and followers on your social media channels. One thousand followers/fans who are truly interested in your brand and cause are more important that ten thousand followers/fans who do not engage with your content. Build a solid core of devoted followers and provide them with stories that answer their pain points.

4. The Laws of Patience

Developing your image on social media requires patience. Gaining followers, page likes, as well as engagements takes time and there are no easy shortcuts to take. A few initiatives to take on in order to enhance your presence: adding links to social media icons in your email signature, enhancing your website landing pages with social media call to actions, running social media contests, strategically scheduling posts and keeping track of trending items.

5. The Laws of Diversity

A common mistake made by novice digital marketers when starting on a new social media campaign is to have a generic plan for all platforms or cross post on two or more platforms. This hardly works in 2018. All platforms’ algorithms work differently to prioritize and rank posts in user news feeds. Read up on the best practices of each platform and observe what the top producers are already doing to get a sense of what works and what does not.

6. The Laws of Scheduling

Approximately 1 in 2 companies who maintain an onsite blog are able to get leads and customers through content marketing. Sending out one Tweet per day will not cut it. Certain platforms like Instagram and Snapchat do not move as fast as Twitter or Facebook. This means you don’t have to publish as often. But you should still develop a routine posting schedule and keep it consistent.

7. The Laws of Automation

Do not surrender to the lure of social media scheduling tools that would automate your postings. This practice will make the process easy; however, it will also “de-humanize” the “social” aspect in promoting your blog content on the social networks. Doing so will also make you lose the personal engagement experience that consumers look forward to when signing in to a social media channel.

8. The Laws of Sharing

Social Media Marketing is a two way street. You will lose followers and fans if you just share your content and talk about your product or service (or yourself). Some time should be spent on sharing and talking about content published by others.

The type of posts should also vary as your target audiences will eventually get tired and lose interest if all posts are text base. Boost audience interest in your social media pages and profiles by posting different types of content; a mix between text, graphics and multimedia posts.

9. The Laws of Timing

When trying to figure out when to post content on your channels, the rhythm of the day for your audience must be considered. Lunch time and before and after a meeting are when consumers in most industries are likely to be taking a quick peek at their social media channels. Try timing posts for that time – just before or just after the hour to take advantage of the post-meeting/lunch crowd.

10. The Laws of Spamming

Spam is no good; save it for your breakfast table. It is not in the best practices to post on your customers’ walls, tag them in pictures, or do any social media activity involving them without their consent. Doing so will be the fastest way to lose your audience and targeted customers, and worse, might get you reported and negatively reviewed.

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February 5, 2018

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  1. For increasing personal engagement, it is very important to send personalized messages to target customers. This increased the loyalty of customers as well.

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