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Gianpaolo Sellitto

Digital & Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course

Experiencing an Online Digital Marketing Course as a High School Student | DMAC

Digital Marketing is a relatively new industry that is geared towards achieving marketing objectives with the use of digital technology. Being a high school student and looking to be more indulged in marketing in the future, I was lucky enough to experience the online Digital and Social Media Marketing course delivered by DMAC. As I was reaching the end of my high school years, I wanted to be able to have a clearer picture of the occupation I wished to pursue in the future. With the course that I took, I learned about the foundations of Digital Marketing and was then able to look deeper into my future career path. The course was also successful in increasing my interested in Digital and Social Media Marketing and inspired me to be interested in learning even more about this industry.

Why Digital Marketing?

In my mind, Digital Marketing is continuously expanding into a larger and more complex industry. It is very important that businesses and individuals learn as much as they can about Digital Marketing now so that in the future, they can have an advantage over their competition and be qualified to work within the Digital Marketing industry. It is clear to me that Digital Marketing will be the most important marketing and communication medium in the future if it isn’t already. Digital Marketing is also a field that is constantly evolving. Understanding this, combined with my interest in graphic design and marketing in general, I took my first steps toward Digital Marketing and enrolled in the DMAC online Digital Marketing course. I did this after reviewing various online course option and felt the DMAC course was the best suited to my requirements, schedule and budget.

Where to Start – an Online Digital Marketing Course

When looking to find the right online Digital Marketing course, you must consider what you will be learning, what the courses offers and of course, cost. The online course that I took was the Digital & Social Media Marketing Fundamentals course offered by DMAC. After my experience with the course I can say that DMAC has a lot to offer for people new and wanting to learn about Digital and Social Media Marketing but also for individuals who have experience in Digital Marketing that are looking to learn more. This course is highly exceptional for developing a strong practical knowledge of Digital Marketing. The course did not only focus on theory but also provided clear step by step instructions on how to create and implement Digital Marketing campaigns covering every major channel.
When deciding on purchasing this course I felt that DMAC was highly credible, as it was created by Digital Marketing experts who have plenty of real-life agency experience. They are not simply lecturers reading from a text book. There are many real -life example used throughout the course with real agency tools and materials to help you understand the concepts clearly. One of the reasons I chose this course is that they make a point of constantly updating the course material (Google changes their algorithms almost every day!). I didn’t want to take a course that would be outdated or have stale information a few months or year later. It would be inferior to be learning from only outdated information and statistics.
The course that I took with DMAC was properly structured into two sections that consist of several modules. The first section is very introductory to Digital Marketing, teaching things about the internet’s origin, SEO, website UX, and metrics just to mention a few. From this, I was able to build a basic understanding of Digital Marketing and it was a good set up for the second section of the course which was much more detailed. The second section focuses on Social Media Marketing, and thoroughly goes through the planning, creation, execution and tracking of the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp for Business.
What I found to be a terrific aspect of the course was how users are assessed throughout the course. After every few modules are completed within the course, there follows a quiz. These quizzes allow for users to test their own knowledge on what they recently learned and show one’s progression throughout the course. At the very end of the course, there is a final assignment that I found to be very hands-on and interactive. Being a high school student, this final assignment was a new experience for me and allowed me to apply what I learned to a real-life scenario. The assignment is marked by a Digital Marketing professional that provides a score and constructive feedback. I was able to make the most of this and learn a lot from the online Digital Marketing course, gaining a lot of knowledge and experience.
Most important for me, it allowed me to make a decision to pursue Digital Marketing further in my university education.

My Experience

When I started the course, I found it very straightforward and intriguing. I learned a lot of information about Digital Marketing that was fairly new to me. I found that the modules were all filled with notable information about Digital Marketing, and there were not any boring or dry parts. Being a high school student and a Generation Z’er, I grasped more knowledge of a subject that I was already familiarized with. This made me more interested in Digital Marketing. I also made sure that I took notes as I was learning from the online course because I found a lot of information to be very important and worthy to keep noted for time to come.
I did not take a long time to get through the course as I had completed it entirely working on it about one hour per day over one month. Within this month, I was writing the quizzes that allowed me to see how much I really knew about Digital Marketing as I was learning. I was working through the course quickly because I was clearly enjoying the experience. When I reached the end of the course it was time for me to do the final assignment on the course in order to earn my certification. The final assignment was actually one of my best experiences from the course, as I was able to demonstrate to myself how much I had learned from the course and reflect on something in real life (which was part of the assignment).

How I Progressed

Before taking the online course, I had much to learn about Digital Marketing. I was looking to better myself and expand my knowledge of marketing. I was also not 100% sure of what I wanted to continue to eventually study in university after I graduate from high school. This course clearly helped me make my decision to pursue Digital Marketing as a career.
I had learned much more than I expected to from the course. Just to list one example, before I took the online course, I did not know much information about SEO (search engine optimization) or website User Experience etc. After completing the course, I had a solid understanding of SEO and was able to clearly communicate about it. The online course certainly increased my interest in Marketing and Digital/Social Media Marketing even more than I did before. From taking the online Digital Marketing course and getting that online Digital Marketing training, I can see a clearer future for myself and now can see a potential career path that I can follow. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I am just graduating high school next year and I am already certified in Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Advice for New Students

One thing that cannot be taken from you is what you know. Therefore, it is important to always learn new things. As I am a high school student, I took the opportunity to learn more about Digital Marketing for myself. This opportunity I gave myself allowed me to learn more about Digital Marketing and myself, making it a highly beneficial experience. It is also critical to stay informed in a field that is constantly evolving. I recommend the courses with DMAC to anyone looking for online Digital Marketing training. Another recommendation I have is to take notes for yourself, as it will most likely be useful in time to come.

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May 7, 2020

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