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Josh Adno

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) Course

What did DMAC’s Online Digital Marketing Course Do for Me?

Before the Course

I was a recent university graduate. Having finished a degree in Business Management, specializing in finance, I was struggling to find my way in the ‘real world’. I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in marketing, but I wasn’t finding it easy to land an entry level job. This is a pretty common experience for new graduates lacking actual work experience. University degrees offer a lot of theoretical knowledge, but lack the practical knowledge and experience employers covet.
Having spent a frustratingly long period of time searching for a job, I decided I needed to rethink my approach. With this in mind I decided to do everything I could to make myself more valuable to potential employers. I worked on bulking up my resume by completing certificates I believed would improve my marketing skillset. These included Google’s Analytics and Adwords online certifications.

Finding DMAC

I really enjoyed the Google courses I took, however, I didn’t have a broad understanding of Digital Marketing, and therefore I felt I wasn’t getting the most out of those courses. I was learning skills, but I wasn’t given enough of an opportunity to use them, so they weren’t being reinforced as much as I would have liked.
That’s when I found the DMAC Digital Marketing Course. I was drawn to the course for its broad scope. Promising to give me a complete understanding of all the tools I’d need to start working immediately in the field. Their promise of success coaches, who were trained digital marketers, available to assist in my education was a real advantage. I decided to jump right in and started the course the next day!

My Experience With The Course

Having quite a bit of experience with online courses, both in university, and in certificate courses for Google, I knew to keep my expectations tempered. I was blown away by the course right away. The first section was filled with modules that gave me a great overview of the world of digital marketing. Setting the stage well for the second section where I was given practical and applicable SKILLS. The course does a great job of teaching you not only what to do, but how to do it. I keep my notes from the course handy to this day, and refering to them is often easier than searching online when I’m looking for step by step guides to follow for certain tasks.
On of the most gratifying parts of the course was definitely the final assignment. I chose to analyze my friends company. It was a great experience, not only for me, but my friend as well. He told me after I sent him my final report that it was extremely professional, and asked if I could implement some of my recomendations on his site. Getting this response from him confirmed my belief, and the courses proclamation, that completion of this course would give me the ability to immediately begin working in digital marketing.

After The Course

After completing the course, the first thing I noticed was the abundance of jobs now available to me in digital marketing. The need for top notch digital marketing has become clear to every business, even those which have been operating successfullly the same way for the past 50 years. The percentage of interviews I was granted based on my resume increased drastically right away once I put my digital marketing certification on it. Employers were excited about that skill even when the job wasn’t specifically in digital marketing!
I recently landed a job outside the field of digital marketing, but the certification was vital in my hiring. The hiring manager told me specifically that she was impressed with my understanding of the need to continuously educate myself to remain at the forefront of the changing business landscape. I was able to land a job on a dynamic growing team, in a fast paced environment because my digital marketing skills showed I was able to keep up with the times.

My Advice

I’ve already recommended this course to a few of my friends and colleagues. The course is designed as a powerful learning tool. I know that it jumpstarted my career, and gave me access to opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to reach without the certification, including my current job! This course is a great opportunity for new graduates, as well as those with established careers to learn about digital marketing with a focus on practical and applicable strategies instead of just learning the theory.
That’s my story. Learn as much as you can, about as many things as possible! Good Luck!


May 7, 2020

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