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Lisa Brink

Digital and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course

Digital Marketing as a College Graduate

As a communications student in my 4rth year of university, you learn the basics of Marketing, Event Planning, Internal and External Communications. Being in the final year of my degree, I expected to have learned basically everything I needed to know to start my career in the field of Marketing. Having taken this course however, I realized that I was wrong. It turns out that I still had a lot to learn and I still do. Digital Marketing is ever changing and is about so much more than just advertising here and there.

Why Digital Marketing?

During my time in school, I learned that every business needs to put themselves out there digitally, otherwise it is difficult for potential customers to find you. There are countless of ways to advertise a business to the public, but it is highly important to have a good Digital Marketing strategy. Having additional knowledge about Digital Marketing in the communication field is a huge plus. It allows  you to take any creative ideas you might have and make sure that people see it and interact with the content you put out. When taking this course, I found out that I knew the basic theory and was familiar with the used terms in Digital Marketing. I could explain  what a KPI was or what SEO did. What I did not know however, was how to exactly implement and manage a campaign. Most companies require some experience in the work field before they hire you for a job, but I had not actually touched Facebook Ad Manager before, or knew how to advertise on all the major social media platforms. The only experience I had was a little bit of Google Ads, but how do you put out relevant, good content and still make sure your target audience sees and interacts with said content? That I did not know, and now I am a little more confident and experienced in the Digital Marketing world.

My Experience with DMAC and their Online Digital and Social Media Fundamentals Course

In school, I learned the terms and theory associated with Communications and Digital Marketing, but I never learned how to properly apply them. This is with the exception of two or three assignments throughout my whole 4-year degree. The DMAC Course is split into two parts; the first part I went through relatively easily and quickly. It explained the basic terms and foundational knowledge you need to possess about Digital Marketing. As I already learned most of this in school, the first module was a nice refresher module for me and also gave me some additional knowledge about certain things, which is always welcome. What really helped for me though, was the second part of the course. In this part, they explain exactly how to run campaigns and advertisements on almost all Social Media channels; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and even WhatsApp Business. The advertising process is explained step by step, giving you incredibly useful tips along the way. The whole course is easy to understand, provides a ton of practical knowledge and also helps you visualize stuff using screenshots and images. In the modules explaining how to manage a campaign, there are screenshots for every step of the way, showing you exactly what you need to do and where to click.

Thoughts and Advice | DMAC Online Digital Marketing Course

Even if you have completed or are still working on a course/degree in communications, marketing or Digital Marketing, I can still recommend taking this course as it is 100% worth the time, money and effort. Having a background and some knowledge about communications and Marketing helps with going through the course a bit easier, but I still learned a lot of new things even though I am almost graduated. Having a completed course like this on your resumé not only helps with a potential career, it also teaches you what you need to know from a practical perspective to start working at your first job without feeling lost. Digital Marketing will always be a huge part of any business trying to get out there or trying to grow. So having this knowledge not only helps you with a position within a company, it could also immensely help you if you start or have your own business. Whether you are a student, employee or business owner, this course will help you learn the practical side of what you need to know about Digital Marketing.

May 27, 2022

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