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DMAC Student Success Story | Testimonial – Oscar Muha

Oscar Muha

Digital and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course

Experiencing the Digital Marketing Course as a Rookie in the Industry I DMAC Online Digital Marketing Course

Before Taking the DMAC Online Digital Marketing Course

Making choices for your future is hard and can be a daunting task. I knew I wanted to enter the business world but had a very unclear understanding of what that looked like. Taking the Digital and Social Marketing Fundamentals Course sparked a personal interest in the Digital Marketing world for me. I realized that it is the future, with the average consumer spending 7.5 hours a day on the internet. When I enrolled in the course, I was skeptical about what I would learn and if I would enjoy the material. Moreover, would this course teach me anything I can apply in the real world?

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has changed, morphed, and evolved throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. With so many people staying at home, the great bulk of society turned to the internet to consume information, work, socialize and entertain themselves. Online shopping surged across the globe. In the last two years, people have spent more time connected to the internet than ever before, connecting through Zoom, Facetime, and Google Meet. With people spending more time online, e-commerce websites thrived. As the pandemic closed bricks and mortar stores, the shift to online purchasing accelerated. People that made only a few online purchases became more comfortable making every day online purchases. This applied not only to consumer goods but also to a huge range of professional services. Digital Marketing plays a critical role in affecting consumer behavior. Consumers turn to the internet to research products and reviews. I learned that having an effective digital strategy is essential to any business’s success in this digital age.

My Experience with DMAC’s Online Digital Marketing Course

Starting the course was intimidating. The sheer amount of information that I was required to consume was a lot. While taking the course though I was surprised at how straightforward the different modules were. The information was easy to consume, note down and remember. It was also very credible and well designed. All the links were highlighted and you could visit separate pages to dive deeper into the information if you wanted to.
Most of my experience with online courses has been pretty negative. Too often they are pretty boring with nominal content and definitely not engaging. The (DMA) course made the online learning experience a lot easier since the information was fascinating and well put together. The design of the course made you want to dig deeper into different aspects of online marketing.
Each module you work on during the span of the course introduces you to a new element of Digital Marketing. One of the joys of taking this online course is that you could learn so much from the comfort of your own bed. You can take this course at any time during the day as it is all up to you on when you want to complete the course.

My Thoughts & Advice After Taking the Course

After completing the online Digital and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals course you will have a much deeper understanding of digital and social media marketing than you ever had before. In my opinion, while going through the modules, taking down notes with a pen and paper (something we almost never do nowadays) helps the information to be drilled into your head faster. This course is a powerful tool that can be utilized by anybody that has an interest in Digital Marketing, runs a business that should consider Digital Marketing, or has a career that involves consumer marketing and wants to expand their knowledge into digital. The information provided is powerful. The course material is thorough, concise and practical with step-by-step instructions. The course provides a solid foundational understanding of what Digital Marketing is and how to implement it in order to accelerate a business’s success. (DMAC)

April 13, 2022

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