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Xymira Simoens

Digital and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course

Why I chose the DMAC Online Digital Marketing Course

Pre-Course Experience

Before I acquired the online Digital Marketing course and started studying at DMAC, I successfully completed my bachelor in International Business Management. Earlier, I didn’t know what line of business I wanted to specialize in. In this way, I figured that learning a bit of everything might help me find my passion, and it certainly did. Marketing intrigued me and with only studying the basics, I wanted to discover more.

My Experience with the DMAC Online Digital Marketing Course

I eventually stumbled onto digital when I attended a seminar about technology and its rapid pace. I found that Digital Marketing is a huge umbrella with various areas. Presenting me with numerous opportunities to gain knowledge. Being confronted with the same issue of choosing a focus area, I bumped into DMAC. The learning institution offers various online Digital Marketing courses to choose from. I decided to choose the Digital and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course. The online Digital Marketing training helped me to get a taste of everything, yet taught me how to properly set up a social media campaign. From SEO and PPC to the basics of Google Ads, I got everything I needed to get started and make my decision. The course offers you a complete picture of the different aspects, and most importantly, you are not being buried in theory. The course remains focused on the practical angle of it all.
Additionally, living in Belgium, Europe, I was delighted to find out the courses are offered online and are on-demand. I didn’t have to travel anywhere, nor move to another country. I could study the course at my own pace in the comfort of my own home. This might sound as if you have to get through everything under your own steam, but the truth represents differently. Throughout my 90-day online course, I was aided by their success coaches that the DMAC Digital Marketing training offers. They help you during the process and answered all my questions along the way. They gave me helpful advice and tips. Especially at the time of the final assignment, where you have to convert your knowledge into practice.
Furthermore, the fact that the Digital Marketing course does not only focus on theory, will certainly help me in my future career. It properly explains to you step-by-step how to set up a social media campaign. Being a young graduate, you are constantly confronted with the reality of lacking practical experience. After completing this online course and final assignment, I feel confident using my knowledge and executing the theory right away without any doubts or uncertainties. This was important for me. Other online course experiences I have had were effective for transmitting theoretical and text book knowledge, but not enough practical knowledge and experience.

My advice to you

In general, the course is a great way to get an extensive overview of a Digital Marketing strategy, with a focus on a social media approach. In my case, it helped me decide upon what I wanted to specialize in and offered me various insights into online Digital Marketing. So, if you are a young graduate who has a passion for marketing but is still in doubt which way to go. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the different digital marketing courses offered by DMAC.
Graduating can be exciting, yet scary. Adjusting to life after college can be tough and deciding which route to take next might feel overwhelming. Therefore, I believe the digital marketing fundamentals course is a great next step. It allows you to grow at your own pace and offers you practical knowledge in preparation for life after graduation.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a professional who needs to upskill, the DMAC courses will provide you with practical digital marketing skills, knowledge and experience to drive your career forward.


May 7, 2020

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