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Yishai Ben Avraham

Digital & Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course

Why I chose DMAC and why it was the best decision of my life?

The journey before the course

For a long time after graduating high school in 2013, I was directionless. I had a good educational background and was confident in my academic ability however, without a career direction I could not embark on a targeted plan for my future. This caused my life to spiral downward. I moved from city to city, and to my home country (India) and back; looking for tranquility, spirituality and a focus in life. I discovered Digital Marketing 2 years ago in India, at a seminar by DSIM (Delhi School of Internet Marketing). There, I was able to ascertain the potential of the Digital Marketing industry in India and the developing world. However, I found the teaching methodology of the school to be redundant, and felt that a classroom based course is not right for teaching skills in Digital Marketing.
In 2018 my family circumstances led me to reside in Toronto, Canada. I took a 3-month crash course in Digital Marketing by Simplilearn, and found that the course was not exactly teaching me any practical concepts that I needed in order to get a job and have a career in this field.

How I got to DMAC?

After the Simplilearn course, I put Digital Marketing on the backburner. My priorities shifted to starting a computer programming course (which I also ended up dropping) at Seneca College, in Toronto.
I found the DMAC Digital and Social Media Marketing course online and contacted the school. After speaking with their team on several occasions through email and by phone, I decided to take the course. Frankly, I invested a good chunk of my savings into the DMAC course. However, I felt that I needed to make the investment in order to see if this course would impact my Digital Marketing career.

My Experience With The Course

I knew that the course was different and what I was looking for from the get-go. It didn’t feel cumbersome, and it was a very practical course indeed. For the first time in more than 5 years, I felt I was doing something worthwhile and invested all my energies into it.
What I enjoyed most about the course was the practical and step by step instructions and the way students are assessed in the final assignment. Given my experience in writing research papers, I was very pleased with this form of assessment. It minimizes any chances of plagiarism (especially in regards to online courses) and it truly tests your in-depth knowledge in Digital Marketing concepts. It got me into thinking deeply and analytically, before submitting the final assignment.
Intellectual honesty and academic integrity should be the key part of any educational institution, and I felt that most firmly with DMAC. Whether it was their approach to the course, or the help provided by their student Success Coaches (a rarity in online education).

What I got from the course

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards DMAC. They gave me back the confidence that I had lost in myself after years of failures, and thankfully what strenghtened my education even further was the internship that I was awrded after appying to their internship program. They accept 6 interns per year based on their assignment grade and immigration status. Within a few weeks, I was able to apply the concepts I learned and was able to easliy churn out valuable web content for SEO purposes. I am currently doing a remote Content Marketing contract for a startup company called Nicho, in Atlanta GA. My training with DMAC gave me such a solid edge, that I am now capable of specializing solidly in my Digital Marketing niche (Content Marketing).

Why I Would Reccomend Taking the DMAC Digital Marketing Courses

It is very rare that opportunities like DMAC come knocking at your door. If you are someone who wants to get started on a solid career in Digital Marketing in the most optimum time period possible (courses run from 10-30 hours online) , then these courses will help you get started or upgrade your current marketing career.
There is no question, it takes effort and resilience to say the least. But when an online course delivers tangible results to you, I strongly recommend you give it a try.
This is my DMAC story. Go ahead and make your own story and watch your Digital Marketing goals come to life!
Yishai Ben Avraham

May 7, 2020

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