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The Benefits of a Well-Crafted Instagram Bio

The most important part of your business’s Instagram page is the bio description space as it is the first thing users see when visiting your business page. The bio is a space where Instagram users get to give visitors a first introduction of who they are, what they do and what they have to offer. There is a 150 character limit so creativity plays a major role in this part.
The Instagram bio is not just about filling the space with 150 characters. It has to look appealing, while also being informative and easy to read. Read on to find out what a well-crafted Instagram bio can mean for your business’s Instagram page.

Choosing a Suitable Username and Profile Photo

Whenever you comment, like or follow other users the first thing they see in their recent activity are your profile picture and your username. Therefore, spending the time to think of a good username is crucial. For example, if your Instagram account is about “shoes” that should be highlighted in your username, unless your brand is already well known. By looking at your username, your target group should to be able to identify that your page provides what they are looking for or like. This is the first step in driving visitors to your page without any content, photos or videos.

Gaining Traffic to your Website from Instagram

As mentioned earlier, the first thing users see when visiting your Instagram page is your bio. This is where your website will be included. Whenever an Instagram visitor wants to see the types of products or service you have to offer in full, they can easily access your website.
Instead of including a full link of your website, use websites like Google URL Shortner (https://goo.gl/) to shorten the link. Doing this makes your overall bio look short, clean, and appealing. Besides that ‘Google URL Shorter’ also gives you the ability to monitor the amount of clicks for free. Whenever a visitor clicks on the provided link Google Shortner stores the location of the visitor, the device used, and browser. This gives you an overview of who the visitors are and the collected data can then be used for future decisions or changes.

Emoji’s are the New Thing

To make your bio more fun and relatable, emoji’s can be included. Nowadays, when a business is recognized to be too serious and boring, it hurts its ability to attract users. Therefore, add some life to your page by using emoji’s to express a mood or to replace words. Doing this not only makes your page stand out but also separates your page from other businesses. Below is an example of a company that utilizes emojis in their Instagram bio:

Always Include a Call to Action

What should visitors do after they have visited your Instagram page? This is where Calls to Action are crucial. A call to action or CTA is simply a way to get someone to do something. People are more likely to perform an action when you ask them to. This can be a simple ‘Sign up now’, ‘Buy now’ or ‘learn more’. This technique will drive more visitors to your website whenever they visit your Instagram page.

Adding Hashtags to Your Instagram Bio

In March 2018, Instagram introduced the ability to add hashtags to bios. Adding hashtags increases audience reach and visibility. Since December 2017, users have the ability to follow hashtags and they are used as a tool to connect people with what they like. For example, when someone is looking for white pants they could search #whitepants and get a list of images with the hashtag #Whitepants. The hashtag is a great way to lead visitors to uploaded images with the same hashtag.

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April 23, 2018

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