Are you a new digital marketer wondering about the value of digital marketing certification? Or are you an experienced professional contemplating whether or not to enroll in some online digital marketing training? You have come to the right place. This blog will help you understand the importance of digital marketing certification and training.

If you have some knowledge of online marketing, you know that learning is evolving and ongoing. It never stops with one course or seminar or a 4-year university degree.  It is an industry in which ability as well as ongoing and current certifications supersede a bachelor’s degree on a resume. This is largely because the bachelor programs offered by universities and colleges do not necessarily teach the specific skills that are required.

Digital marketing certification and training is a sure-fire way to demonstrate that you have invested time and energy into learning and mastering your craft. Every year, new opportunities arise that allow you to showcase more knowledge, skills, and strategies to clients and employers and prove that you can give their business a competitive edge.  Adding a recent qualification or certification to your resume is a way to do just that while setting yourself up for success.

Who Would Benefit from Digital Marketing Training and Certification

New Graduates Looking to Start a Good Career

One group that would benefit from digital marketing training and certification is new graduates. With traditional marketing being nearly obsolete due to CoVID restrictions, top employers are looking to completely shift to digital marketing or revamp their current strategies. This is creating a huge number of job openings in the field.

Students and Homemakers

The digital marketing field also benefits students and homemakers looking to make a supplementary income or work on a part-time basis. For students who are facing a competitive job market, certification serves as an opportunity to streamline careers, gain credible expertise and to stand out from the crowd.

People Who are Having Trouble Finding Work

Individuals who are struggling to gain employment due to lack of experience and competitive markets and are looking for a change would also benefit from the certification. The courses and training sessions are open to professionals of all walks of life. They start from the basics and gradually ease students into complex and advanced themes.

Experienced Marketing Professionals

As we said before, learning never stops in digital marketing. If you are currently employed in the field, you know better than anyone about how important it is to maintain current knowledge of best practices. The easiest way to do that is to keep up with your certification and training.

The digital marketing industry is vast and continuously growing. If you can attend a one-month or online training seminar or course, you can learn the basic skills required for a digital marketer. Once you get the fundamentals, you can build your own digital marketing career by concentrating in any of its branches.

The Value of Digital Marketing Certification

The value of a digital marketing certificate and training to professional development is immeasurable. One of the most appealing aspects of obtaining certification in digital marketing is that there are no strict prerequisites. Some knowledge of specific digital marketing concepts (e.g., social media, organic search, and one branding) and how they relate to one or more interested industries would be foundational.

To help you get a clearer picture of the Digital Marketing field, here are the top five benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications and Training!

1. They are Cost-Efficient and Time-Savvy

From a financial standpoint, Digital Marketing Certification is one of the easiest ways to obtain essential skills. Most of the courses take place online through easy-to-use learning management platforms, like Moodle and Blackboard. What is more important is that they can be done at your own pace and within the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for travel and boarding. The courses are also competitively priced. On average, they cost $300-$400 to complete. Unlike with a bachelor’s degree, which require 30 or more courses to be completed, you can obtain the requisite skills in 1 or 2 courses.

2. They Improve Your Employability Status

Today’s college and university graduates are not as prepared to enter the workforce as they think they are. This is causing many industries to face a skills gap crisis – there are lots of open jobs, but very few workers with the skills to find them. A recent Business Development of Canada survey found that 53 per cent of small and medium sized businesses admitted to having to limit their business ventures due to the lack of qualified candidates. Obtaining certification in digital marketing will help you gain employability faster because you will have the skills and expertise that very few candidates have.

3. They Help You Negotiate a Higher Salary

With up-to-date certifications and a competitive skill set, you will be in a better position to negotiate a higher salary. The digital marketing salaries have been rising over the past few years. SEO Manager, PPC account manager, Online Reputation Manager and other related job titles have seen spikes in salary expectations, according to recent and data analysis.

4. Advancement Opportunities

Certification in digital marketing opens you up to a myriad of advancement opportunities. Just adding one or two specialties to your niche can help you advance quickly in a company from a junior to senior position. For example, a copywriter that specializes in SEO and Online Reputation Management can easily apply for senior roles, such as Content Manager and Public Relations Director.

5. Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Getting certified in digital marketing means helping you land a job that gives you more flexibility and control over when and where you work. Since the entire domain revolves around the Internet and Internet-based marketing concepts, physical location seldom matters. Digital Marketing professionals can brainstorm and perform their duties from anywhere, provided they have a computer and internet.

DMAC Offers a Free Facebook & Instagram Social Media Marketing Course to Help Close the Skills Gap

Yes, you heard us right. DMAC is giving back to Canadians in these trying times .We are offering our Facebook and Instagram 10 hour online course, with certification for free. No strings attached and no credit card required.

The course is ideal for all individuals interested in learning Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising, including:

o Traditional marketers who want to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing quickly.
o Recent marketing graduates who want to stand out with recruiters when applying for a job.
o Business owners looking to leverage Facebook and Instagram’s advertising power to engage customers online.
o People looking for certification in social media marketing.

Some of the topics covered in our course are: Importance of Social Media in today’s world of advertising.

o Creating Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
o Defining your Social Media marketing goals
o Running successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
o Monitoring Facebook and Instagram marketing performance and analytics

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