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The Value of Pursuing a Digital Marketing Certificate in 2021

Over the course of the past year, the world has changed a lot right before our eyes, and so has the way of doing things. One such change is the move from traditional marketing to digital marketing, due to pandemic restrictions. The main driver of the shift was business owners’ desire to remain profitable and sustainable.

2020 was a big wake-up call for businesses. It showed business owners that adopting digital marketing is no longer optional. Instead, it is a necessity. Businesses were unprepared for the shift. Business owners were left scrambling at the last minute to find and adopt digital marketing solutions that would replace traditional methods. Some were even struggling to maintain open doors.

Besides that, 2020 has proven to many marketing professionals that digital marketing is here to stay. Obtaining a digital marketing certificate from a reputable digital marketing institute is a great way to get a step ahead of other traditional marketers and job applicants.

Digital marketing skills are in demand in a variety of industries as a result of the shift. Businesses are hiring digital marketing professionals to promote their business online and to ensure that they implement the strategies effectively.

It is no wonder why digital marketing courses are among the most sought out professional courses today. They are the key to your success in the field in 2021. They will train you on all aspects of digital marketing, improving your knowledge and skills and building your proficiency.

In this blog post, our course instructors share with you 4 compelling reasons for obtaining a digital marketing certificate in 2021.

1. It Improves Your Job Value

One benefit to obtaining a digital marketing certificate in 2021 is that it improves your job value. Having updated content under the education section of your resume or LinkedIn page will make a world of difference. Business executives use it as a way to weed through candidates. As well, it gives you more leverage to negotiate a higher salary. Marketing is one of the top 10 high-paying jobs that doesn’t require grad school!

2. It Establishes Your Skills

A struggle novice job seekers face is finding a way to showcase their skills. Great portfolios are extremely difficult to build, even with a few completed jobs under your belt. Yet almost every employer looks for job candidates who can demonstrate proven results and who have portfolios to show off their accomplishments. Adigital marketing certificate or recently completed course, instead of a portfolio, may tempt employers to give you a shot. Be sure to include any coursework or assignments that you completed over the course of your certification program to prove that you have a good grasp of the basics.

3. It is Cost-Effective and Time-Savvy

Digital marketing certification courses are cost-efficient. They provide great value for money compared to a more expensive digital marketing certificate from the University of Toronto or a digital marketing certificate from Ryerson for example. They are reasonably priced and are usually taught by industry professionals who work in digital marketing daily.

Moreover, the majority of the courses are self-paced and taught online. They can be completed at any time, allowing you to develop your own schedule and meet your job requirements at any time during the calendar year.

4. It Enables You to Start Your Career Immediately

Once you have obtained a digital marketing certification from a reputed digital marketing institute, you do not necessarily have to wait for potential employers to contact you or for job opportunities to be posted. Since you are now skilled in all (or most) areas of digital marketing, you can very well start your own website or even your own agency.

Enter the Digital Marketing Industry Now!

The above tips are just some of the ways a digital marketing certificate can benefit you in 2021.  Digital marketing is a rich and growing industry. Training courses help you take the first steps towards embarking on a rewarding career. They assist you in finding employment almost immediately, understanding your expertise and developing your skillset through theory and practical assignments. Once your courses are over, you will see a variety of career opportunities come trickling your way.

DMAC Offers a Free Social Media Marketing Course to Help Close the Skills Gap

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March 4, 2021

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