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Things are Getting More Pinteresting … for Businesses

With Canada having the second highest number of users on Pinterest after the U.S., this social media platform certainly deserves the attention of Canadian social media marketers. Making it even more appealing is that the average user is young, educated and has a disposable income. Pinterest shoppers currently spend nearly $170 per session compared to Facebook shoppers who spend $75 per session.

Soon, marketers will have a tool that could potentially make the three-year old Pinterest the most relevant social media website for businesses sharing their demographic.

Pinterest is currently testing promoted pins. Once this feature launches, it could give companies a powerful advertising tool with unique targeting possibilities and the opportunity to reach a vast audience that spans beyond the followers of those who pin their content or belong to groups.  I envision the promoted pins working in a similar way to Facebook’s promoted posts allowing you to select a budget and targeting and presto, the pins will begin running at the top of search results and category feeds.

Although we will only know the exact features of promoted pins when the tool is rolled out, it will undoubtedly be very pinteresting!

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August 1, 2019

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