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Top 6 Ways to Find Trending Topics for Your Blog

In order to grow engagement on social media channels and drive website traffic, you need to understand what your audience is interested in, and provide them with relevant content. Trending topics can include current news, political issues, sports news, latest technology, product releases and celebrity news. One of the best ways to find relevant topics is to use the most out of the Internet platforms.

Below is a list of the top Internet resource for Trending Topics:

1. Twitter Trends

Twitter is a social media networking platform that provides worldwide trends specific to your country. Twitter trends are generated automatically by an algorithm that helps people discover what is new in real time. The trend list shows the hottest and emerging topics around the world.
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2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool to find what people are searching on Google. This tool helps to explore what is trending globally or what is hot in your country. Google Trends shows up to 25 hot searches simultaneously.
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3. Facebook Trends

The Facebook “Trending” tool is designed to help people discover more timely and interesting topics and conversations. By clicking on the trending topic, you will be directed to a special page with posts on that particular topic – content published by your friends and pages. When a page posts an update about something that is presently trending it is more likely to appear in the news feed.
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4. BuzzFeed Trends

BuzzFeed Trend is another great tool to find what is trending on the Internet. BuzzFeed covers various topics from entertainment to pop-culture, food, technology, animals, etc.
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5. Google+

You can also use the traditional Google trends What’s Hot section of Google + and choose a specific topic you think your community could find relevant. This section includes trending hashtags, popular posts and pages you may find interesting.
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6. Mashable

Mashable is a leading worldwide website essentially focused on news about social media. As a resource for trending topics they also publish news, information related to entertainment, online videos or business news. If you are interested in web culture and social media updates, Mashable is a great resource to find newsworthy articles.
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When you search for trending or hot topics for your blog make sure that it is relevant to your industry. Located in Toronto, Canada but servicing students globally, Digital Media Academy of Canada offers online courses which help you create engaging posts and gain social media skills in the social media marketing industry.

November 13, 2014

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