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Twitter Saves Mom-and-Pop Bakery | Social Media Training | DMAC

Social media advertising is an extremely effective tool for many businesses. Small businesses can and should use social media as a way to grow brand awareness and reach new audiences. Sometimes, things work out and businesses are able to reach large audiences very quickly, even if they weren’t entirely planned. This usually happens when a post goes viral, as experienced by the small restaurant La Casa Bakery in Houston Texas. On December 6, Jacqueline Garza, the daughter of the owner of La Casa Bakery sent out a tweet from her personal account stating that her family owns a small restaurant that features handmade pan dulce, but sales were poor so her father has been considering closing down the restaurant. Mr. Garza is in his 70’s and has dedicated his life to this restaurant and doing what he loves, baking a type of Mexican bread. She did not want to let that happen so she asked if her followers could spread the word and included a video of her father hard at work. The tweet gained traction, and was later featured on the Trending page of Twitter. As of right now the tweet has 67k retweets and 62k likes.

The Result of the Viral Tweet

Following that initial tweet, she began to post some of her favourite foods off the menu. People from all over the world have been spreading the tweet, but many living in Houston have made plans to go and check it out. Between the appealing food posts, and wanting to help out a small local business, people began flooding to the restaurant and documenting their experience. Since then, business has been booming and Garza has been keeping those interested updated on her personal page of how the restaurant is packed from open to close. The daughter also decided to start a GoFundMe page to help support the family and restaurant. So far, she has reached $756 of her $1,000 goal.

Why Social Media Marketing is so Important

The result of a viral campaign can be extremely effective for any business. Although this is true, it’s incredibly difficult to predict when a campaign is going to go viral and launch your company into success. That is why it’s important to build your social media channels to develop brand awareness from the very beginning. La Casa Bakery has since learned to develop a social media strategy to reach a newer and more expansive target audience. To be safe, it would be extremely effective to take an interest in social media marketing before reaching the point of considering to close down. With that in mind, DMAC offers courses customized and dedicated to business owners or anyone who wants a better understanding of digital marketing and how to use social media to successfully build brand awareness.

DMAC | Customized Social Media Marketing Training Agency

DMAC offers Online Social media Courses and Corporate Customized Digital Marketing Training sessions for businesses and individuals seeking to develop or upgrade their online marketing skills. Our online social media marketing courses will help aspiring professionals understand how to use social media channels in their online strategy and effectively establish a brand and promote products. Click here to enroll in one of our social media courses!

January 22, 2018

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