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Use Social Media to Improve a Brand’s Online Reputation

Social Media has become widely regarded as the top online activity. Many individuals today are active on it to interact with friends, family, and with their favourite brands. Some of the biggest social media platforms out there used for marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Currently, Facebook has the largest number of active users on it. As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook had about 2.19 billion monthly active users. Many brands are utilizing social media because of the large number of users that they could potentially interact with. The social media posts of a brand are one of the few examples of how social media improves a brands online reputation. These social media posts are an opportunity to emphasize things that customers will find most commendable and relatable about a brand. This also helps counter any negative perceptions that may exist about the brand.

Social media can also help a brand’s online reputation because of how easy it is for people to interact and engage with other businesses. The way a company handles conversations online with other consumers in the comments section helps maintain a brands reputation as well. An essential component of online brand reputation management is learning how to respond to comments in an elegant and proactive manner. The tone and language used in social media responses says a lot about your company’s credibility and customer service.

The Three Dimensions of Reputation Quotient

The receptiveness of a brand is evaluated according to six dimensions of online reputation. The three most important dimensions of a reputation quotient are the following:

Products and Services

Building a strong online reputation for your brand on social media is based on striving to provide good value and quality with your products/services. With that being said, the role of this dimension is discussing topics on social media that can help improve the product. For example, if there are things that people dislike about Apple’s new IPhone, then Apple would discuss what the consumers dislike about it in order to gain further feedback and suggestions to improve the next IPhone. This in return not only improves the product itself, but also achieves customer satisfaction. When a problem is properly helped online, many are watching and storing away the impression they got from the interaction.

Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeal is a very important part of social media marketing. Many decisions are usually made based on emotions instead of cognitive thoughts. A good social media campaign associates the brand with a customer’s and prospects positive relevant emotions. This goes a long way in cementing positive sentiments around the brand. This is a tactic that is used to help gain new customers and persuades them to buy the brand’s product. Therefore, the online reputation of a brand grows positively as it engages a higher level of audience through social media.

Financial Performance

On social media, the financial performance that brands disclose can help with their overall reputation enhancement. For example, if Adidas outperforms its previous year’s financial results and wants to disclose that, social media is the perfect place do to so. With that being said, people like to be associated with winners and tend to like brands that are performing successfully. Disclosing financials reflects a great part of a brand’s honesty and authenticity. This can also build a greater level of trust and credibility with customers as well.

Social Media Marketing Indeed Improves a Brand’s Online Reputation

Social media marketing has become a vital part of promoting brands. With the growth and virality of social media it has become a prime tool for growing a brand’s online reputation.

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August 2, 2019

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  1. Good customer engagement is very essential to enhance brand value and brand online reputation. One more way to do this is to send relevant messages to target customers.

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