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Video Marketing on Twitter in 2019 | Social Media Corporate Training

Facebook and Instagram are everyone’s go-to platforms for video marketing.  Rightly so, considering there are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. All it takes is for one engaging video to go viral and garner enough likes and shares to bring a business profit.

What many social media marketers do not realize is that there are there other valuable video marketing tools out there that can help you gain ground in video marketing. One of those platforms is Twitter, a platform once known for text posts. There are over 2 billion video views on Twitter per day. Also, tweets with videos are 10 times more engaging than tweets without videos and tweets with texts.

Twitter is all about having meaningful conversations and discovering interesting content.  In this post, you will learn how to leverage the power of video marketing on Twitter to boost engagement and increase conversions for your business.

Video Marketing On Twitter | Digital Marketing Corporate Training

While Twitter was first designed as a 140-character limit microblogging platform, a lot has changed over the years.

Now users can share pictures, GIFs, and videos. And Twitter users have come to love videos with over 82% of them actively watching posting them every day.

There are a number of reasons why marketers prefer video marketing, including 

  • Higher engagement. 1 in 7 millennial Twitter users are likely to watch a company video when shopping for something via internet or mobile.
  • Easier to explain your product or services. 9 in 10 users prefer something to be explained via video rather than text.
  • Video ads do better with an average click through rate of 1.84%, which happens to be the highest of any ad format.

The following are 3 ways to promote your videos on Twitter to ensure maximum reach:

• Promoted Video– You can promote any video, as long as it has no violence and drugs in it, from your Twitter page. Promoted video allow you to reach a wider audience than those that are organically ranking. Also, when a person comes across the video on their timeline, it will auto play to grab attention and keep users engaged until they leave the platform.

• Video Website Cards– After watching your video, you can encourage users to visit your website by creating video website cards. Video website cards are perfect for getting mobile viewers to visit your website with eye-catching call to action (CTA). According to Twitter, video website cards generate twice the click-through rate of standard mobile video ads.

• In-Stream Video Ads– In-stream videos are ads that are played at the beginning of a video published by one of Twitter’s 200+ content partners (e.g., Pizza Hut). Also, in-stream video ads will have an “ad by your @handle” message while it is played. This way, your information will be easily accessible when and if viewers like what they see and would like to take action. Users who view in-stream video ads are 70% more likely to recall a brand’s ad versus those who didn’t watch a video ad.

How Big Brands Are Approaching Video Marketing on Twitter | Social Media Marketing Corporate Training

Starbucks is using videos to make customers more interested in their products.

Starbucks uses boomerang GIFs to showcase their latest drinks in creative ways. This allows the coffee chain restaurant to stand out from the crowd of the usual and bland ads, which customers now find boring and uninteresting.

Video link: https://twitter.com/Starbucks/status/869593302051336192

Oreo is using videos to create more user-generated content for higher engagement.

Oreo recently held a biscuit dunking contest and asked users to share how they dunk the cookies in their milk. They posted their video first to get the ball rolling and to hook the fans. Once fans saw the video, they followed suit and created their own videos, which they uploaded onto Twitter and tagged Oreo to. Brand recognition at its best!

Video Link: https://twitter.com/Oreo/status/852555662609481728

Costa Coffee is using videos to announce sales and discounts

Costa Coffee ran a discount on their bacon rolls, recently. To help them promote this discount, the coffee chain restaurant created a video of their scrumptious burger along with a spinning coin. The purpose of the video was to show customers how affordable the juicy burger was….and they succeeded in getting their message across.

Video link: https://twitter.com/CostaCoffee/status/871607539426656260

These are just 3 of the many ways you can be using video marketing to improve brand visibility and increase your conversions. What’s your strategy? Looking for more ideas and assistance with video creation? Enroll in our digital marketing fundamentals course. We offer digital marketing professionals, both novice and experienced, full training on both video marketing and social media marketing.

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October 16, 2019

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