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How a Video Can Contribute to Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

You run your business on your own and you want it to expand and grow over time while increasing revenue. Traditional advertising is an expensive investment. Creating a one minute or less video is a wiser and economically friendlier way to advertise your product or service.

Tips to Consider when Creating a Video for Social Media

A Video Can Deliver Information Effectively

Potential customers are looking to see information as quickly as they can and in the easiest way possible. A video facilitates this much better than any other approach. It is fast and requires little to no effort on behalf of the viewer.

An Affordable Video

A smart phone with high definition video capability with bookend graphics accompanied by a high end video program is all you need to produce a successful video. That’s all the equipment you will need.

A Compelling Video

It is difficult to engage prospects with heavy-text based content. Nowadays, people get lazy and are interested in instant gratification due to a short attention span. A creative video is a very useful eye catchy tool for your target audience to get to know your brand in a short period of time. Be creative and remember, a strong message in a 30 second video goes way further than an expensive 3 minute video with a bland message.

Videos can Affect SEO Results

Videos on Social Media channels can reach a wider audience by embedding the video link into websites, articles and email blasts etc.; this enhances traffic due to the organic nature of the message. Further, web visitors remain on a website longer when they are viewing a video which in turn gives the website stronger organic indexing with Google.

Important Criteria Required for High Video SEO Rankings

• Number of views
• Number of comments
• Duration on site
• Number of view “shares”
• Number of embedded links
• Inbound links

DMAC is a great place to learn how to create and implement engaging and successful social media marketing campaigns. We also offer customized-corporate training seminars where you can learn and be provided with hands-on experience. We train your company on how to create and implement strategies and techniques to manage your own social media marketing internally.

July 11, 2016

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