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Want to Boost Social Media Engagement? Run an Instagram Contest!

It is evident that Instagram offers valuable opportunities with which to promote your business and market to your audience in an effective way and at a relatively low cost. One of the best ways to engage your followers is to run a contest on Instagram. An Instagram contest is a great tool to boost your social media marketing and gain more exposure. It is also a way to get feedback from your customers and get creative. There are many types of Instagram contests such as the “like to win” contest, “hashtag User-generated content” contest, “Email-Grated” contest or “Instagram photo” contest. It is a great way to increase visibility for your brand using Instagram.

Below are the key rules to run a creative contest on this major social media channel:

  • Like in any marketing campaign, it is important to primarily define your goals and objectives. Having clear goals will give you a chance to measure if your strategy is effective or not. (Example: raising awareness, increasing sales or followers, more likes on the page, etc.)
  • Define you target audience. Firstly, choose the prize that will motivate users to participate such as a free flight or gift certificate. Show an image of your prize to engage people in order to enter your contest. Identify the target market you want to engage on Instagram. Your contest will be different depending on who you are marketing to.


  • Define your entry method. Decide what users need to do to participate in your contest: Do they need to submit a photo? Is there a special hashtag? Do they need to follow you on Instagram?instagram contest 2
  • Build your contest. Add the contest rules in an Instagram post. Use a short title and include call-to-actions. Create a specific and unique hashtag. (Ex: #GRILLMARKMOMENT)

instagram contest

  • Be clear and simple with the contest rules; announce your contest on social media channels; write a blog post to announce the contest and share it with your fans. Make sure you cover the following items: the entry rules, prize, timeline of the contest, etc.
  • You can monitor the entries that are published by your fans using different tools and the hashtags. This will allow you to find out how many pictures have your hashtag included and the number of likes and comments you received.

instagram contest 3

  • Announce the winner. Choose, notify and announce the winner on all your social media networks in order to increase people’s attention and encourage following you if you decide to launch a new contest. Don’t forget to thank all participants and congratulate the winner. After the contest is complete, continue to build your following and engage your audience. The social media campaign shouldn’t stop when the Instagram contest closes.

Here are 2 great contests ideas that your business can run:

instagram sample 3  instagram sample 2

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November 4, 2014

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