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Corporate Training: Building A Talented Digital Marketing Team

Do you have a solid lead generation plan in place?

To execute and implement your plan with excellence you need a talented team.

A 2014 study done by Online Marketing Institute showed that  a large chunk of international agencies – including Fortune 500 companies – lacked crucial skills for building solid and effective digital marketing campaigns. It also found that the gap in skills in many employees of these companies has hindered the company from garnering 50% of potential sales.

According to The Guardian, by 2018, the United States is forecast to lack around 1.5 million managers and analysts with adequate technical and digital knowledge, and the picture in the UK and Canada is no different. Big data, web analytics, online reputation management, mobile marketing, content marketing and social media are all the future of business marketing, both b2b and b2c, but they are also the most difficult skills and experience to find in new recruitments.

Building a digital marketing team is not an easy job.

DMACs Online Marketing team is the first to admit that. Our research indicates that over 30% of hiring managers do not have enough work experience to create a manageable digital marketing team. Meanwhile, another 30% of those managers cannot identify capable talent.

Particularly, 2/3rds of marketers attempt to add value to their company by enrolling themselves in e-learning or workshops, as per the request of the manager or Chief Executive. Many companies, unfortunately, still do not apply the standard practices to ensure employees are motivated to do this and succeed in this ultra-competitive and ever changing world.

DMAC Training Sessions are designed to help your team fill the talent gap.

DMAC our online digital marketing classes are set up to fill the talent gap that was identified by The Guardian and the Online Marketing Institution. We strive to provide a relevant, marketing academy that assists employees and employers alike to embrace tools such as social media and SEO and develop skills in areas such as a analytics, optimization and coding.

The first step we ask all our participants/students to take is to remove the view that digital marketing is too specialized and difficult to learn. Nothing is impossible to achieve and with the right mind and outlook anyone can grasp the knowledge and became A+ players in their own company.

To learn more about how to become a successful digital marketer, DMAC online training staff encourages you to enroll in one of our courses. DMAC also offers customized corporate training sessions for enterprises looking to upgrade their staff’s skills in areas of digital, internet and social media marketing. 

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Learn more about the Talent Gap below:


Source: www.clickz.com

August 18, 2015

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