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Why SEO Should Be Included In University Curriculums

How would you feel if universities and colleges offered SEO courses? An article posted by Moz.com discusses the advantages and disadvantages of including SEO training, not only as an optional course, but to incorporate it into higher education. They conducted interviews with industry professionals and concluded that the students would benefit from SEO training.seo training dmac
The authors highlight the fact that most of people who are working in the industry are positive about the need to include SEO in the university curriculum based on the industry demand. There is a lack of SEO knowledge in online marketing due to the constantly changing search engine algorithms and rules which make the knowledge quickly stale and outdated. This means course content and concepts of SEO training must be updated often in universities. Search marketing concepts integrated into higher education will provide students qualification and skills to be prepared to work in the Online Marketing industry. Nowadays, SEO specialists gain knowledge by self-education or through hands on experience. In addition, SEO can be used in other areas such as journalism, PR, web design and development and advertising to help bring a technical approach to reach customers. In fact, various fields miss out on the benefits of integrating SEO into their work. For example, web designers are now required to know and understand SEO concept in order to create websites that are optimized for search engines.

Furthermore, there is a huge demand for SEO skills in the digital marketing industry. The demand is increasing each year; understanding SEO fundamentals through training and courses can also reduce the use of bad practices. Teaching these complex concepts will help companies recognize and better appreciate the value of SEO, avoid undesirable SEO techniques and deliver higher standards. Moreover, a skilful SEO professional can bring value to the company by applying best online marketing practices including SEO.

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October 23, 2014

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