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Will Instagram Outshine Pinterest?

Pinterest or Instagram?

In our last internet marketing training session a very good question came up in discussions: Which is best for monetization, Pinterest or Instagram? I recently came across an article on ClickZ about Instagram outshining Pinterest a couple of days before this question. I’ll take this opportunity to expand and share my previous explanation.


Instagram’s mobile ad revenue is predicted to be at $28.1 billion by 2017. Last week, the platform official switched on its advertising API. Two months before that, the popular photo-sharing app, with over 300 million active users, opened itself up to more advertisers with more ad styles and more stylish targeting tools, such as the “Shop Now” button and that link outside the app so users can take marketable action.   The newly revised API comes refined—able to manage, track and measure all sponsored advertising campaigns—thanks to borrowed technology and tips from Facebook.


While Pinterest is a traffic driver that sends users to purchase when they see an image they live, Instagram is the exact opposite. The latter has an extra step that takes users directly to the transaction. It’s still uncertain whether or not the rumours are true because Instagram hasn’t fully rolled out its sponsored ad programs and many of their targeted ad formats like Carousel Ads are still in development phase.

What spurred the arguments is the assertion that Pinterest is hard nut to crack for brands and that is why they are bumbling from the social network. Take Elizabeth Arden, as an example. The famous brand reportedly saw low engagement and little ROI on Pinterest. As a result, they decided to stop purchasing ads. However, it believes that in order to stand out and increase conversions brands need to spend time customizing creatives that fit each platform.


What should you do when building your social media strategy?

If your business needs to decide between using either Pinterest or Instagram, the determining factor will be your audience. Are they more likely to curate (Pinterest) or create images (Instagram)? Are you targeting a younger demographic (Instagram) or an older, female group (Pinterest)?

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August 19, 2015

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